Baby wraps

Here is a gallery of all my woven works. I weave the wraps with natural fibers. The yarn is hand dyed by me and I spin he supplementary threads by hand on my old fashion spindles or a wheel. All works are designed and handwoven by me at my home studio.

Pieces for sale

Vidvandrer Morgenstund

Earlier wraps

Vidvandrer Soloppgang
Vidvandrer Ro

Vidvandrer Ut

Vidvandrer Vardøger
Vidvandrer Vill
Vidvandrer og Alberte
Vidvandrer Stjerneskudd

Vidvandrer Trollstein

Vidvandrer Zelda, min Zelda

Vidvandrer Månesol

Vidvandrer Isbre

Vidvandrer Rødstrupe

Vidvandrer Oppdagelsesferd

Vidvandrer Skogssti

Vidvandrer Blomstereng

Vidvandrer Opptur