Vidvandrer Wabi-sabi

The Japanese term wabi-sabi has made me feel at home since I learned about it. Accepting the imperfect and transitory, finding value in it. It also encompasses the art of visibly mending, how mending makes the broken stronger than it was and more beautiful for it. The Wabi-sabi wrap is made with the uncontrollable element of watercolors as the main canvas. Using only undyed linen as weft, I later poured colors over the hanging wrap, letting them flow and blend as they wanted. Later I have stitched through the entire wrap, using simple running stitches as an ode to never-ending practice of mending and caring for what we love. I used only leftover hand dyed yarn form my earlier work for this. Vidvandrer Wabi-Sabi has a warp of GOTS-certified cottolinen and a weft of pure linen. It is ca 3,5m long and 70cm wide with twisted fringes.