Create your own custom piece? I keep a list of interests, write me at to be on it, and we will talk about what you are looking for.

I play and create with different mediums and fibers. My main work is woven and hand dyed, but I spin and paint and write too.

Info about the custom process.

Info about online and live workshops.

Also, please join my monthly letter over at Substack. I write about what I have going on, usually once a month. My intention is to use the letter as the main source of information and contact, as it is a more intentional process to write longer form, and a more stable way of communication.

Baby wraps

View the gallery of woven wraps.

Handwoven and hand dyed baby wrap


View the gallery of woven pieces for sale

Available pieces

Wall art

Tactile art in natural materials.

Wall art with handspun wool


View scarfs, shawls and cowls

Plant dyed shawl with thick inlays in Norwegian handspun wool.


View my paintings and posters.


Feel free to contact me about anything you’d like. I do my best to keep the page up to date about what is sold or for sale, but don’t hesitate to ask if you see something you like. If it’s already sold, we might come up with something even better.

My email is: