The Custom Process


You contact me and we talk about length, fiber and expression.

I send you a picture with the yarn I will use, and a document with what we have agreed on, so you can confirm before I start.

I send you the invoice. 20% of the total is a non refundable depositum, in case you have to pull out of the deal. In some cases you can choose to pay only the depositum first, and the rest when the piece is finished, but I prefer to have everything in one payment when possible.

I weave and I share some pictures from the process with you.

When the piece is off the loom, I fix small mistakes, wash and iron it, take some pictures and then wrap it up and send it home to you.


What fibers you prefer in the weft? I normally dress the loom with a cotton warp, organic and GOTS-certified. You can choose from bourette silk (raw silk), cotton and cottolinen. Sometimes I have handspun wool or other fibers available too. I often mix the fibers to et the right tones of colors, so let me know if that is something you are ok with or not. If I am making an art piece, we will often use handspun wool as well, and I will send you pictures of handspun and plant dyed wool to choose from.

What colors do you want? It is useful with some reference photos, to know which colors you want. My yellow and your yellow might be very different.

What kind of finish you want? Twisted fringes? Loose fringes secured with a knot? A mix? If it is a wall hanging, how do you plan to mount it?

Any special symbolism you want me to weave into the piece? It can be specific colors to symbolize something or someone, a repetition of patterns or inlays. Some embroidery?

If it is a baby wrap, do you want a middle marker of some sort?

What length do you want? It might be useful to use my Facebook group to ask others advice, if you are uncertain.

Visual expression: Do you prefer a lot of plain weave? Any patterns you want more or less of? Colors that should dominate? Feel free to use the gallery of previous baby wraps or my other galleries to look for examples of what I do.

Anything I must omit? Any colors you particularly dislike? Or specific fibers or patterns that don’t work for for you?

Anything I must include? Is there something you really love and want me to include?

What is the price?: At the moment I charge around ca 2750 NOK per meter, including VAT (MVA) at 25%, that goes straight to the government. Upon export, the VAT is excluded and the package marked with full value. Embroidery comes extra at 450 NOK pr hour work.

How long will it take? : I normally start weaving a week or two after we talk, it depends a little on my process. It might take 2-3 weeks or twice that, for you to get the piece as I weave several pieces before I undress the loom. I will inform you of the time frame as we plan the work, and keep you informed as we go. I run my business alone, and I have a family to take care of, so sickness or other unplanned events might effect how much work I get done each day.

You are always free to email me to ask specific questions, I know this doesn’t cover everything. I also have a list of people wishing for a piece, that I contact when I have room to create something that might match their preferences, so I can put you on the list too, if you’d like. It is mutually unbinding, and a tool to help me reach out, and to let you be in the loop without having to contact me a lot. Also, if you subscribe to my monthly letters, you will get a feel for where I am heading and what I am planning to create.