Wall art

I like to play freely with handspun wool and colours in these wall hangings. I mostly spin the yarn from local wool from farms I visit. Either on my wheel or on a handheld spindle. Some of the yarn is plant dyed and some are dyed with bought pigment. When I walk in the forest, I am constantly looking for nice branches and sticks.

Above: A set of wall art pieces, woven with handspun local wool, and raw wool locks. The wool is dyed with plants.

Commissioned wall hanging in handspun wool, on a warp of hand painted cotton.

Wall hanging in handspun local wool. It measuers about 30cm * 27cm(36 cm inc. hanging wool). The piece is woven with handspun wool and raw wool locks, on a warp of hand painted cotton.

Three different styles of wall hanging.

Wall hanging entirely in handspun Norwegian wool. The colors are hand dyed.

A small wall hanging in handspun yarn.