Spinning wool

Upcoming workshops:

Full day workshop at Århus Gård in Skien the 11th of February. More info here.

Spinning wool is a quiet superpower. To be able to utilize the raw wool given to us by the sheep each year, and make things that bring warmth, comfort and joy.

Spinning is a slow and quiet practice, and in may ways it brings with it some of the same precence and quietness that meditation can give. I find that the act of spinning raw wool, still soft with fat and smelling faintly of animal, puts me in an instant connection with nature in a way few other things does. And the balance between doing something useful, and at the same time something so slow that the end result is nearly out of sight, grounds me in a way that feels like a very natural state to exist in. Almost like it is in my genes.

The knowledge of how to take advantage of the double layered wool of the ancient sheep breeds, is another motivation to work with raw local wool. Spinning wool has been such a integral part of survival for humans living in colder areas, that a large part of their life was spent taking care of the animals, prepping and creating with the wool. We no longer need to spin to survive, but a part of me feel that we still might need a craft, like spinning, to thrive. And as part of this I find great meaning and joy in hosting workshops and teaching the craft of prepping and spinning raw wool into yarn. If you are interested to learn, please make contact with me on tuva.tovslid@gmail.com.